Webinar May 5

Why you need data virtualization: feat. Rick van der Lans

The exponential growth of data combined with tougher requirements for data availability, manageability, and data quality are challenging for traditional data management and analytics tools that depend on physical movement of data.

With data virtualization you can avoid much of the complexities of ETL and have a data management solution that is cheaper and more flexible, while greatly improving your time to data and ensuring better data quality in a fully governed and secure way.

Join us to learn what data virtualization is, what it can do for your business, and how other organizations are using it. Data virtualization will be an important building block in your future data management solution.
10: 00 - 11: 00 CET

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The speakers: Rick van der Lans and Göran Johansson

In this webinar we will be joined by two experts on the topic: Rick van der Lans and Göran Johansson: 

Rick van der Lans: 

Rick van der Lans is a highly-respected independent analyst, consultant, author, and internationally acclaimed lecturer specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence, big data, and database technology. Rick has been influential in introducing data virtualization worldwide. Over the years, Rick has written hundreds of articles and blogs for newspapers and websites and has authored many educational and popular white papers for a long list of vendors. He was the author of the first available book on SQL, entitled including Introduction to SQL. More recently, he published two books on data virtualization “Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence System” and “Data Virtualization: Selected Writings”.

Göran Johansson: 

Göran is a Senior Solution Consultant at Enfo who has worked with TIBCO software for several years. He has been involved in many Data Virtualization projects and has accumulated deep technical knowledge about the TIBCO Data Virtualization platform.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • What is data virtualization?
  • Why do you need data virtualization?
  • Will data virtualization replace tradition data warehouses based on ETL?
  • What should data virtualization be used for and what should it not be used for.
  • Business benefits of data virtualization


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Rick van der Lans

Industry Analyst

Göran Johansson

Senior Solution Consultant, Enfo


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