Webinar May 20

Cloud native development - using Red Hat OpenShift

Only in the cloud can data genuinely be brought together. The cloud movement is massive: we see that in five years’ time, up to four out of five business-critical applications will be in the cloud and the rest in data centers, the ratio being the opposite today. Join us and listen to our webinar on cloud native development for guidance on how to adopt a strategy to maximize the potential for your business.
10:15 - 11:00 CET

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In this webinar we will cover items like:

  • What is cloud, really – and why is it important to your business
  • Cloud native vs traditional approaches
  • Containerization and cloud – cutting significant costs and lead times
  • Business & customer case examples

                                   This webinar is suitable for you who today: 

  • Want to learn more about infrastructure strategy and cloud technology from a business perspective
  • Need insight into how cloud development and containerization can contribute to raise efficiencies and cost savings in your core processes
  • Have heard about open source options but want to grasp the business benefits more firmly


If you’d like to read up on the subject before the webinar – please see the following materials on our site;


You will receive a GoToWebinar link 1 day before the webinar starts that you will use when it is time to log in and participate.


We look forward to your participation! 



Fredric Travaglia

Consultant, Applications

Alok Hom

Consultant, Applications

Gustaf Ridderstolpe

Business Manager, Cloud and Application Development


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