Webinar March 4

How to create your core APIs

Getting your priorities straight and your API roadmap in place will kickstart your digital journey with the help of APIs!
In this webinar our API champion Stefan Påsse will explain the details of how to create successful core APIs. He will together with our Baseline manager Kristina Lid elaborate and deep dive into Enfo's API guide.

Examples from our customers´digital journey will be used such as the solutions that we have done together with Nordic Choice Hotels.
09:30 - 10:10 CET

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In this webinar we will touch base on the following

  • Why APIs?
  • How to find the core APIs?
  • What drives the prioritization of the API roadmap?

This webinar is suitable for you who today: 

  • Work with API or plan to start
  • Want to manage your APIs more efficiently 
  • Want to learn more about API management and API projects

You will receive a GoToWebinar link to use for the webinar. 

To get more familiar with the guide we will discuss, download it here

Do you want to know more about APIs? We have gathered useful material on our API Content site



Kristina Lid

Baseline Manager, Enfo

Stefan Påsse

API Champion, Enfo


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