Master data management –
providing structure for your data

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Without a plan – there is no direction

Imagine building a house, without the schematics and blueprint for construction, electricals, plumbing. Crazy, right?

Imagine trying to forge a future-proof business strategy and taking critical day-to-day business decisions without sound analysis. Without proven reporting materials that reflect the most up to date projections on how current operations and market data combined indicate action. Crazy again, right?

But this is the most common situation businesses outside the Fortune 100 set operate - because the toolset and ways of working to enable true, reliable master data management, haven't been readily available at an affordable price point - until now.

Creating visibility and clarity

Master data management, allows your business to map and maintain the information model your business relies on for analysis-critical queries, agile team-driven development and a future-proof approach to structure information to support your business for years to come.

With master data management, conflicting records between business critical artifacts like the attributes of a Customer, an Order or an Invoice across different platforms, will never disrupt the development of reporting and analysis functionality again.

With TIBCO EBX MDM solution you benefit from the following (source:

  • Flexible Data Models

  • EBX™ is easy to: use, configure and adopt

  • Collaborative workflow

  • Support collaboration between everyone who uses your data

  • Version control

  • The system offers version control so you can manage and connect every version of data: past, present and future
  • Using the platform of your choice

  • EBX software offers multi-platform integration and runs on-premise or in the Cloud

Our Master data management services

EBX Starter-kit

We have years of experience working with MDM initiatives. Togheter with our exclusive strategic partnership with TIBCO in the Nordics, we have created a fast, cost efficient and agile way to work with MDM: The TIBCO EBX Starter kit.


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Application support
In order for your MDM solution to keep delivering value year after year, we offer an Application support service for your TIBCO EBX platform and the MDM solutions running on it. It combines incident, problem and change management with our technical expertise, so we can proactively help you get the most out of your investment.


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Watch our MDM webinar:

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Robert Grafford - SVP Sales Sweden