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Digital business

The digitalization trend has accelerated for the past few years, and drives significant changes in the market, in consumer behavior and expectations. 

The competitive edge is found in accessing and analyzing as much relevant data as possible.  

Properly handled, data gives us valuable business information, without structure and context - it's just noise.   

How is this relevant for your business? What opportunities and gains can be realized?  

It has been said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.  Let us show you what’s behind the curtain. 

Behind digital business

digital business consists of an extensive set of collaborating systems that evolve over time. The challenge lies in connecting and unifying disconnected and overlapping data sources.

To choose and apply technology to work for you is challenging. Through our strategic partnership with TIBCO Enfo makes it possible to make cutting-edge technology accessible, simple and affordable regardless of the size of your business. 

We help our customers to connect data sources and systems, unify the data models and predict outcomes for the business based on advanced analytics.   

These are the solutions we see make the most difference for our customers' businesses: 
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Master data management

We have collected various material for you to gain knowledge and understand the value of Master data management. 

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Data virtualization

We explain in more detail what data virtualization is and why it is valuable to your business. 

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Our Master data management services

EBX Starter kit

We have years of experience working with MDM initiatives. Together with our exclusive strategic partnership with TIBCO in the Nordics, we have created a fast, cost-efficient and agile way to work with MDM: The TIBCO EBX Starter kit.


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Application support
In order for your MDM solution to keep delivering value year after year, we offer an Application support service for your TIBCO EBX platform and the MDM solutions running on it. It combines incident, problem and change management with our technical expertise, so we can proactively help you get the most out of your investment.


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Collaboration is key

Technology in itself is nothing without people, organization, processes and commitment.   

A successful investment in new tools requires buy-in from top executive sponsors, management and end-users. 

We’ve seen that investments in these technologies have been high-risk, complex and expensive initiatives.  The road ahead is far from straightforward.  

With that in mind, we’ve built the TIBCO offering with step-by-step method towards your digital business, without lock-in license fee structures. Always with the competitive edge as our guiding principle.  

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Through a series of workshops, we develop a bespoke playbook for your organization taking you from Minimum viable Product or Proof of Concept to a complete rollout:

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