Data virtualization –
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In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king 

It has been said that one of the world's most underused resource at this point is data. That  80% of the information that we have at our disposal is overlooked, underanalyzed. Because we don't have the tools to access it. 

With information scattered over multiple systems, platforms and applications many businesses struggle to get their reporting done in time, let alone leveraging the information for proactive analysis and decision support.  

Drain the data swamp 

This gets you bogged down as soon as you need to combine data sources to build a report, query or analysis that transcends the  original scope of the underlying applications. 

With a Data virtualization layer, you can eliminate all those bottlenecks and showstoppers that hold you back and leave the swamp for good! 

Data virtualization interconnects a multitude of data sources, systems and platforms,  bringing the data you need for strategic as well as day-to-day analysis to your disposal.  you need for strategic as well as day-to-day analysis to your disposal. 

With an exponential growth in data capture and storage, an efficient tool to allow for information processing is truly a decisive fact or to reach the competitive edge.  



TIBCO TDV is a market-leading Data Virtualization solution offering a number of advantages 

TIBCO Data virtualization lets you manage and share your data securely inside and outside your organization depending on the needs of your business.  It also empowers your business teams with features like: 


  1. Data sources & discovery:
    (source: Data Virtualization TIBCO Software)

    • Access to 300+ data sources including applications, databases, big data, files, web service, streaming, and cloud 


  2. Data views:

    • Create business-friendly data views from multiple data sources

  3. Business user data catalog:

    • Support business using self-service

  4. Security:

    • Policy-driven, fine-grained multi-level security—down to cell level 
    • Flexible authenticationauthorizationencryption, and data masking 


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Robert Grafford - SVP Sales Sweden