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The Many Faces of Messaging Middleware (in EN)
Speaker: Vasil Kajcovski, Director - Messaging Business EMEA, TIBCO Software
Death of the ESB and rise of Cloud and Edge Native Microservices (in EN) 
Speaker: Rahul Kamdar, Director, Product Management - TIBCO Software
Integration requirements are changing with Microservices and API's (EN)
Speaker: Kim Clark, Strategist on IBM's integration portfolio, shaping the future direction of the products, IBM
End-to-end integration as a service in 20 minutes – an alternative to high cost / low speed models (EN)
Speakers: Magnus Molin, Enfo & David Borgenvik, Enfo
How to overcome cultural challenges when working with IT offshore outsourcing (EN)
Speaker: Mikael Gislén, Gislen Software