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Time to vote for Enfo CIO Awards!

With Enfo Chief Integration Officer of the year Award we want to praise and celebrate the everyday heroes of Integration. The ones that ensure that their customers have the right information available, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. With their work they ensure that the never ending demand for information is met.

Our well renowned jury has now chosen three candidates, it is now your turn to do your bit. Vote for your favorite and most appreciated candidate today! Read about each candidate further down this page

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These are the nominees that have been selected as finalists – they have all demonstrated excellence and major achievements within the field of Integration.

Nominee 1

Mikael Rydström

Title: Enterprise Architect 

Company: Toyota Material Handling Europe 

Manufacturing and especially the automotive sector is in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution with internet of things, everything is connected, and hyperautomation on a physical as well as application-based level as driving megatrends.  Mikael works daily to involve everyone in his team to discuss strategy for the future and make strategic product choices to meet the business requirements for Integration. 

He has great knowledge of Integration and its value for the company.  This is put in practice through working with new technologies and moving the company forward in the Integration area.  Toyota is known for the application of pioneering efficiency methods across their organization, from Lean/Six Sigma to Kanban and agile methodologies.  The data management and integration area is no different, and Mikael is a key player to support the TMHE core business requirements with the application and information capabilities required to weather the fierce competition in the automotive manufacturing industry. 

Nominee 2

Martin Karp

Title: ICC Service Manager 

Company: Schibsted 

The publishing and news industries are being revolutionized and disrupted at an ever increasing pace. Print media is rapidly declining whilst revenue streams and personal information consumption are reimagined.  At the core, managing the data and information about user behaviour and content preferences is key.  At Schibsted, Martin works with the key service underpinning this business requirement – the Integration Competence Center, ICC. 

Martin is consistent in his decisions and always thinks of maintainability. He provides the service with focus on ensuring that everyone works as one team to provide maximum business benefits for Schibsted.  With MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform as appointed integration Platform Martin drives the strategy for integration for a range of different business consumers of the Integration Service.  The services and capabilities Martin directs guarantee that Schibsted will continue to act as a strong force on the media and information markets for years to come. 

Nominee 3

Jonas Blomqvist

Title: Head of Data and Analytics 

Company: SAS  

SAS has undergone seismic changes over the past decade and especially during the last year, coping with the effects and aftermath of the pandemic travel restrictions.  This puts exceptional demands on Customer-centricity, efficient information management and clever use of technology. 

With a pragmatic, and open mindset. Jonas always listens to all input ranging from requirement changes from the business to input from his team and subcontractors, and prioritises based on this input together with best-practices.  He includes Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysts in the work in an efficient and result-oriented way.  With Jonas as the pilot for the integration initiatives at SAS, the company will be heading in the right direction with the sky as the limit in the near future. 


The process for choosing the Chief Integration Officer honorees is systematic and competitive. We're looking for Integration heroes that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver competitive advantage to the enterprise and enable growth.

The nomination and selection have been made among others on the following criteria:

• How well does the CIO adjust his Integration strategy to meet the needs of his business

                                                            • How does the CIO deploy his team to meet the business requirements

                                                            • How does the CIO determine his priorities and how effective does he manage them


A jury has chosen these three candidates from the received nominations. Heading the Jury is Ann-Mari Renmark, Senior Vice President Integration, Enfo. The voting procedure is now open for all who wish to vote for their favorite CIO.


Cast your vote for your favourite nominee for the Enfo CIO Award 2021 




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