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Our advisory services include our consultancy services and popular Baseline workshops, which help you create a business case for investing in an IBM Product for use as an API platform (API Connect, Datapower Gateway), for covering your integration needs (App Connect Enterprise, MQ, Cloud Private, Event Stream) or the IBM Cloud.

We have developed several tried-and-tested best practice projects in which we deliver all or part of our Baseline Integration Toolbox in combination with infrastructure and integration software. Common to all our projects is that you already know from the start what you get, when you get it and how much it costs.


Implementation services

Our implementation services are the perfect continuation to our advisory services making it easy to realize your decisions. We can offer a development team with a mix of resources, including resources outside of the integration area, working in everything from the waterfall methodology to agile. We believe teams are the perfect delivery for long-term commitments as a team works better over time.

Our newest implementation service allows you to order integrations with a defined SLA and price. That way the focus of managing a consultant or a developer is moved to us and it will be easy to budget your integration costs.

With our Baseline Start-kits we can set up your integration capability within a set deadline. It is a simple proof of concept project to ensure that the platform is correctly installed including training in the usage. These services are offered on all of the IBM products below.

Care services

Our standalone care services fit well as a building block after an implementation project. The main operation service is based on Enfo’s longstanding experience and best practice that has been delivered to MQ, App Connect Enterprise and Datapower Gateway for many years. The pillars of the care service are support, monitoring and management of platforms, APIs and integration solutions. Enfo has a long experience of supporting and is offering support for all the new products in IBM’s integration portfolio as well.

We also provide a light-weight service if you want to take care of your platforms by yourself and would like the backup of our experienced specialists with an SLA when you are in a pinch.

Integration as a service

Through this service you can order integrations and we will deliver them on the IBM Cloud using App Connect Enterprise, MQ, API Connect or many of the other services available there. We will manage and support your integrations and APIs. It is our responsibility to make sure everything works smoothly. With this service you don’t have to invest in an expensive and inflexible platform, manage consultants or deal with expensive migration projects.

Integration services and solutions we work with:


IBM App Connect Enterprise

App Connect Enterprise is a modern enterprise integration bus from IBM, formerly known as IBM Integration Bus and now combined with IBM App Connect Professional to support cloud native technologies.

One of the most common usage scenarios is connecting widely different applications that have different message formats (e.g. CSV to XML), different protocols and systems (e.g. REST to SAP), enrichment of messages and many other functions.


MQ is a messaging middleware that simplifies and accelerates the integration of applications on the cloud and most enterprise platforms. By abstracting operating system differences, network issues, security configuration, it makes data transfer between applications reliable and secure. It has been the leading middleware for many years and is the most wide-spread integration product amongst our customers.

IBM DataPower Gateway

DataPower is a gateway that safe guards your on-premise or cloud APIs, B2B, cloud, mobile, web and SOA systems with proven best practices and protects you from attacks. The gateway is available in many different variants. The appliance offers intrusion detection, encrypted storage, hardware cryptographic acceleration for superior performance and is built for redundancy with redundant disks, PSUs etc. The docker image works great in the cloud and with many microservice platforms., offering elasticity. It is also available for hypervisors and for Linux.

IBM Cloud

Whether you use open source or want to enhance your services with an IBM product such as their renowned AI, Watson, it is available here. Get started with more than 20 free services or try their free cloud quantum computers.

For integration purposes there are many suitable services. Different flavors of MQ, OpenWhisk for the creation of serverless integration components, API Connect for APIs and App Connect Enterprise for more advanced integrations.

IBM Cloud Private

Cloud Private is a simple on-premise installation that brings many cloud services to your local network giving you control over your data, while making it easy and safe to integrate with services outside your network. At its core is an application platform for developing modern applications and modernizing old applications to become cloud compatible. It allows you to manage containers through Kubernetes, a private image repository, a management console and monitoring framework. Using Cloud Private makes it easy to deploy, manage, monitor and scale your applications.

IBM API Connect

API Connect is for organizations looking to streamline and accelerate their journey into the API economy. It’s a comprehensive management solution that addresses all four aspects of the API lifecycle: create, run, manage and secure. API Connect is far more cost-effective than limited point solutions that focus on just a few lifecycle phases. It enables external and internal consumers to accelerate an organization’s API program and capture new revenue through compelling new customer experiences.

IBM Event Stream

Event Stream is an event-streaming platform based on Apache Kafka that helps you react to events in real time for more-engaging customer experiences. It is a high-throughput, fault-tolerant, event management platform that helps you build intelligent, responsive, event-driven applications. It makes using Apache Kafka easy and intuitive, while features like geo-replication for disaster recovery make it perfect for mission-critical workloads.
We also work with many other products and open source alternatives.

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