Get the most out of your CRM data with a modern planning tool

CRMs have exploded in popularity over the last few years, being a valuable tool for sales professionals. The CRM data offers huge possibilities for improving the end-to-end sales performance process. However, it can’t do it on its own. By combining Anaplan with CRM data, companies are gaining more value from their CRM investment.

This 30 minutes’ webinar will cover:

• How to fully utilize your existing CRM data
• How to build transparent and effective sales performance management process
• What kinds of business benefits have Anaplan customers achieved
• What are the advantages of adopting a single-platform solution for SPM

This webinar is targeted especially at the management level sales and finance professionals. If you want to learn more about how to reach the full potential of your CRM data and hear about real case examples, register now and join us online on 30.9.2020!

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Satu Pitkänen

Vice President, Planning

Satu Pitkänen has an experience of two decades with planning tools and processes and she has worked with Anaplan from the first implementation project in Finland.

Kalle Sointu

Senior Consultant

Kalle Sointu is an experienced Master Anaplanner with great understanding of both processes and technical aspects in Anaplan. Great customer satisfaction in all projects!

David Brydges

Business Development Manager, Anaplan

David has been evangelizing the potential of Connected Planning for more than 5 years since joining Anaplan as Solution Consultant and now as Business Development Manager. David has 15+ years of experience in planning with a focus on improving decision-making through connectedness and intelligent automation.


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