Corona pandemic – we support your business challenge

The Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak creates unprecedented challenges for our business operating environments and societies. We secure the continuity and quality of our services to all our customers. We promise genuine care and will walk with you also through this transformation.

Below, you can find more information of the services we provide to support your business in this new situation.

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Dear friend,

In this exceptional situation, that impacts ways of working and service deliveries globally, we are here for both current customers and any other organizations, by ensuring smooth remote work, as well as availability and security of your platforms, operating systems and data, with support 24/7.
The corona epidemic hits the whole of our ecosystem – customers, partners and peers alike. Each and every company needs to fight the negative spiral in our ecosystem. We aim to keep our commitment not only to customers but to all our stakeholders. Taking into account the common good may hurt an individual company right now but makes us all rise stronger and faster when the crisis is over.
Our values – cooperation, trust, continuous development and expertise – define our way of being and are accentuated at this moment. Together we will ride out this crisis. 

Seppo Kuula, CEO, Enfo

Ensuring fluent and secure remote work

Optimized remote workplace experience

The new situation might cause capacity bottlenecks in connectivity solutions for remote workers. With cloud services, your organization can provide a secure, temporary and virtual workplace for employees. If workforce patterns and behavior changes rapidly, you can reduce unnecessary CAPEX in hardware, capacity and software when needed.

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Digital document signing

When working remotely, access to printers and physical contracts might be limited. By using digital signing, you can reduce costs related to traditional document management and introduce huge savings in turnaround time, as documents can be signed anywhere and from any device.

User-driven deployment with Autopilot

Under the current circumstances, remote workers have limited access to physical IT-support and in-house deployment/re-deployment solutions. With Autopilot and Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the users can seamlessly install their Windows device and applications using only an Internet connection.

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Secure remote work with a VPN connection

VPN enables employees to connect to the company’s business applications remotely in a secure way. The solution we offer as-a-service to our customers utilizes our centralized capacity and two-factor authentication. We can build-up a similar kind of a solution to any organization, according to your needs. You can rely on our expertise – we map your current solutions and needs, including devices, applications and cybersecurity solutions.

For more information, please contact us or leave us a contact request by using the form below:

Erik Brügge, EVP Care & Data platforms Sweden
Tel. +46 704 472 887,
Juha Kukka, SVP Solution Sales Finland
Tel. +358 40 571 9072,

Enabling business continuity

Secured business continuity through service availability 

Enfo secures the availability and security of your business-critical systems all the way from platforms to the application layer – on-prem and in cloud. When needed, we can take the responsibility of workloads from around the world.

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Ensured availability of data flows in ecosystems

Enfo maintains data integration services whether they are ETL/ELT-transactions, integration platforms or modern API-driven solutions. If crisis and lockdowns have stopped your development work, we want to help you – our broad knowledge of technologies is at your disposal.

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Minimizing the risk of security breaches

Cybercriminals are currently more active, as organizations are busy concentrating on various tasks. We can help you find the right solution with the appropriate security risk level. With our partner network and skilled analysts, you will get a deeper understanding of your vulnerabilities and a plan on how to mitigate them the best way to protect your most critical assets.

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Support for SAP development

Many organizations rely on SAP to run their business. Our SAP consultants can keep your critical platforms running and support your business development needs with resources from Nordics. We have experienced consultants for ECC and S/4HANA, including functional, technical and basis experts.

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Increasing efficiency with automation

New solutions might be necessary to battle against the lack of human resources or to make sure your employees can focus on the right issues, instead of routine tasks. We can offer expertise in building up Robotic Process Automation, as well as provide the RPA platforms as a service.

Robert Grafford, SVP Sales Sweden
Tel. +46 733 165 942,
Juha Kukka, SVP Solution Sales Finland
Tel. +358 40 571 9072,

For more information, please leave us a contact request.