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Our Digital economy and workplace are both moving fast and in order to be at the very forefront we need to run smart and make investments that matters.

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Key to digital success

Data is the most valuable asset we have, and this is a fact for most organizations. Combining your internal data with the world outside your own box would give you much more valuable insights. It would give you a huge advantage in the digital journey.
API is all about making your applications communicate in a smooth and seamless way. APIs will be the key to your digital success – if done right and with a strategic plan.
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How to create your core APIs

Getting your priorities straight and your API roadmap in place will kickstart your digital journey with the help of APIs!
In this webinar our API champion Stefan Påsse will explain the details of how to create successful core APIs. He will together with our Baseline manager Kristina Lid elaborate and deep dive into Enfo's API guide.

Examples from our customers´digital journey will be used such as the solutions that we have done together with Nordic Choice Hotels.

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API discovery workshop

This 4 hour workshop will help you get a common view and goals on how to jump-start your journey to create more business value by utilizing the power of API.

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Do you want to disrupt or be disrupted?

It is a known fact, if  IT is not able to provide what the business wants, they will turn elsewhere with their needs. This often leads to divergent and scattered solutions. 

Starting point on how to avoid this is by using modern API's. This blog will tell you, why and how to become the disruptor and the leader for your business.

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Your first API project

In 10 Steps

 In many occasions APIs are the foundation and enabler for your company website and mobile applications. With this 10 step checklist you get started with your first API project.

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API Management - How to create your core APIs?

Did you know that nearly all of the world’s data is new? The amount of data is growing exponentially, and in this increasingly complex environment, bringing data together is paramount. This is where we come in. With our niched expertise in managing hybrid platforms, business applications and new digital services, we bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations.

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This is API - the window to your data

Get familiar with basics of APIs and their benefits as a part of your digital journey. 

How secure are your APIs?

In this blog we discover what to keep in mind when protecting an API.

Multi-tiered API architecture

What is the division of responsibility between technologies?

Make the most of your great ideas

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